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lithium Ion Polymer Battery

lithium Ion Polymer Battery
lithium Ion Polymer Battery
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Product Code : HQY-602530P
Brand Name : HQY
Product Description
Key Specifications:
Capacity: 400mAh
Normal Voltage: 3.7V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.40V±0.1V
Charge Voltage: 4.20V
Max. Charge Voltage 4.25V
Charge Cut-off Voltage: 4.30±0.05V
Standard Charge Current 0.2C(80mAh)
Max.Charge Current: 1.0C(400mAh)
Max.discharge Current: 1.0C(400mAh)
Maximum constant discharging current: 0.5C(200mAh)
Operation Temperature
   Charging:    0~+45℃
   Discharging: ―20~+60℃
   Storage Temperature: ―20~+60℃
Shipment voltage range:  3.6-3.95V
Intelligent IC card/Utility meter
Camera/video camera
Industrial-used PC, computer RAM, CMOS memory backup powersupply
Radio communication
Earthquake detectors
Military radio stations, underwater weapon
Medical instruments
Portable communication equipment,such as smart phone,bluetooth.
Time counter, number counter and more
High quality  rechargeable lithium polymer  battery
High-energy density
Light weight
Low self-discharge
Low internal resistance
Long cycle life up to 500 times
No memory effect, No mercury
Different sizes and different capacities can be availabe on client requirement