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Windows solar charger, windows power bank

Windows solar charger, windows power bank
Windows solar charger, windows power bank
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Product Code : W1
Brand Name : LFG
Product Description
Battery Cell: Li Polymer battery
Solar panel power:0.6W. 5.5V
Output: 5V 0.5A
Color: Green,Red,Yellow,White,Black
Accessory: 1 Micro USB


Congratulations on your solar window charger!

This item combines functionality with design: you can stick

the solar panel to a window where the solar panel can capture

sunlight and transform it into environmentally friendly energy you

can use to charge a digital device.

Please charge the built-in battery fully before the first use by

connecting the solar window to the USB port of a computer. It will

take about3 hours to fully charge the battery. In direct sunlight the

battery will be fully charged in about 13 hours. When the built-in

battery is being charged, the red LED will light. When the battery

is fully charged, the green LED will light.

To charge a digital device, please use connect the mini USB cable

to the device and then connect it to the USB port of the solar

window. The charging status will be shown on the device.

Please note: it might not always be possible to fully charge a

device, since different devices require different power supplies.


Please remove the silicon slowly from a window to prevent it from